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Welcome to the Limehead Artist Hub

Want us to hear your music?

Here you can submit music to us and our media partners, alongside getting access to extra offerings to help you get maximum exposure for your music.

What do you get access to by joining the Limehead Hub?

By registering with the Limehead Hub you will have the ability to easily submit your music to us for consideration for our playlist, and also our multiple radio partners using our handy Music Submission tool.

To submit to our partners, all you need to do is tick the box on the submission tool and we will forward your details and your music on to our approved radio partners.

*You must register to submit – this is free of charge*

Industry Insider is a regular feature we run where we speak with key figures within the music industry to seek advice and guidance for you free of charge, which you would normally have to pay good money for!

Once per month we speak with a key industry figure and post the audio interview on here for you to benefit from.

We know a lot of artists and bands make the most of being able to record and mix at home these days, but we thought it would be incredibly helpful to be able to get free professional advice on mixing and mastering.

Our experienced sound engineer can have a thorough listen to your track using our high-end equipment and give you a fair view of what could be done to improve the mix and ultimately make it more receivable by media outlets.

We can also give you a quote to do it for you, and don’t worry – we try to price ourselves at a level that is affordable to independent musicians!

You may have noticed our eye-catching graphic design on our online platforms.

Our creative output is designed to stand out and leave a lasting impression – and we can help you to do that too.

One of the main things you will need to submit music to media platforms is an EPK, and for a very small fee we are able to put these together for you using our experience.

As we go, and more of you sign up we will be adding more really cool offerings to this, and we will of course keep you updated with all of them!

We would suggest signing up to our mailing list for artists so that we can keep you posted by clicking here.

Do I have to pay?

It’s free to join, and the majority of what we do is free (music submission, mixing & mastering consultation).

Only if you decide to go forward with appointing us to do any professional work for you would there be charges but we would discuss that with you in depth, and tailor to your budget and needs.

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